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Join us at our open training events or get in touch and we’ll come to you. 


Build your own apps

We offer a range of training to help you digitally capture your impact data. From building simple one-off surveys to developing databases that measure distance travelled. All the platforms we use are ‘low-code or no-code’ which means you don’t need any programming experience. Our sessions introduce you to the tools and get you started. We also lend a guiding hand to help you complete your apps after the session. Choose from our support packages.

Outcomes Measurement

In this session we focus on how to measure the outcomes that are important to your success. We recommend developing a theory of change to identify your important outcomes but you may also have clear outcomes agreed with funders and partners. Bring these with you and we’ll learn how to develop high-quality outcomes measurement frameworks. We’ll discuss established research methods and existing tools to measure outcomes alongside more innovative ways of capturing data.

Image by You X Ventures

Theory of Change

Join us as we take you through the process of creating your theory of change. Whether it’s for a single project, a service or your whole organisation we’ll guide you through with practical tips and examples. Theory of change has become an essential tool for strategy, communication and impact measurement and we have a huge range of experience.

Data & evaluation

This is an introduction to data and evaluation practices. Many people working in charities suddenly find themselves in a role where they are expected to be a social researcher or data analyst. We start with why evaluation is important and look at some real charity examples where interventions have succeeded and failed. We explore different ways of analysing and visualising data that is true to your data and meaningful to your audience.

Image by William Iven
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