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We're social impact specialists.

We support you every step of the way on your impact measurement journey, whatever your starting point.

Computer Programming

Data support

Data collection, audits, analysis

We support you with all your data needs. From designing data collection tools such as questionnaires to developing analysis systems. We help you consider your operational challenges and digital solutions. We value the richness of numbers and stories and help you mine and merge the two. 

App development

Design, development, deployment

In the techie world, we're what's known as citizen developers: experts in understanding the needs, challenges and goals of charities when it comes to tech, data and impact. We listen and suggest systems and approaches that could work for you. And we use our favourite low code platform - Zoho Creator - to teach you to develop your own apps and databases to capture the data that's important to you.

Image by David Švihovec
Image by William Iven

Impact measurement

Theory of change, monitoring tools, outcomes

We support you throughout your whole journey of impact measurement, starting with your service users. We work with you to develop a meaningful and practical theory of change which can be used for strategy, communications and outcomes frameworks. From there we'll help you look at your data and understand what you can do to focus it more on impact. We'll explore digital tools with you to capture and communicate your impact and we'll even teach you to build your own databases, apps and surveys.

Social research

Co-production, focus groups, interviews

The experience of people using your services is the evidence of your success. We bring people together to talk about their journey using workshops, focus groups and interviews. We also support you to design high quality surveys and other data collection processes for quantitative data analysis. Our approach puts people at the centre of the impact measurement process.

Image by Zainul Yasni
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