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Our Wellbeing app

We built an app to measure wellbeing so that we can show you what we do

We understand charities. We know you measure and report heaps of different things to different funders. And that these things change on a regular basis. So we're not in the business of building a one-size fits all CRM or charity database. We want to show you what's possible with the technology that's out there and the skills that you already have in your organisation. 

We figure there's four things that you want to know so that you can manage, improve and report on your services.

Check out our dashboards and imagine what you could create for your organisation. 



Who uses your services

Who uses your services and what are some of their characteristics. Often, this means age, gender, ethnic group, employment status and more. This isn't to invade people's privacy. This is so you can identify needs, and effectiveness of working with different communities.

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How people participate in your services

Who, what, where, when and how do people engage with your services? Tracking how different people participate can help you shape your services and demonstrate the scale of what you do.

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Community Gardening
Happy Man

Wellbeing & Impact

The changes to people's lives

What's the result of what you do? How do people's lives change and how much of that is down to you? What you measure depends on what you're trying to achieve. In this example, we're looking at changes in wellbeing and progress on outcomes that people set out to achieve.

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Feedback and satisfactioon

What do your users think of your services? Can you be even better at what you do, based on their feedback? If you didn't exist... what would happen?

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Image by Johan Godínez
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